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If you would like to buy prints from me you can order online here. Prints are available as loose prints or in card mounts. The sizes and prices (inc. VAT) are as follows:
8 x 6 inch print £10 loose, £12.50 in a card mount
9 x 6 inch print £11 / £13.50
10 x 8 inch print £12.50 / £15

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Lynda Shepherd BEM 20-4-22_001Lynda Shepherd BEM 20-4-22_002Lynda Shepherd BEM 20-4-22_003Lynda Shepherd BEM 20-4-22_004Lynda Shepherd BEM 20-4-22_005Lynda Shepherd BEM 20-4-22_006Lynda Shepherd BEM 20-4-22_007Lynda Shepherd BEM 20-4-22_008